“If I feel physically as though the top of my head were removed, I know it is poetry.”

Emily Dickinson


When You Are Thirsty


Original Sin, owned


The Illusionist



Beyond the Break

Just End the Chase

A Prayer for the Suddenly Alive

Conversation with Myself


Manchmal steht einer auf beim Abendbrot, by Rainer Maria Rilke

Afterglow  (note: explicit language & a somewhat sacrilegious image)

Is The Glass Empty?

OLD POEMS (most circa 2004)

Chaos: an inserenity prayer (from summer 2012)

Lost and Profound

A Night on the Earth


Catch and Release

Asked and Answered


Suicide Note to Self

I Know Why the Devil Doesn’t Sing

Breakfast in Bed

Pretty Little Prison

Skipping Stones

The Christian Wrong

A Call to All Nations 

Play Tag With the World

Be the Manger

Modern-day Pharisees

Full Moon Utah (an American haiku)

The Man in the Mirror

Two Views of the Mountain

When I Was Saved

Only Words

Forbidden Fruit

When a Great Person Dies

Man Seeking Deity

Back to Not Two Home


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