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I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a Frequently Asked Questions page on this site. Seems like a good idea, given the esoteric nature of much of its content. The only problem is that no one ever asks us any questions, let alone frequently.

But if they did, I suspect the new tag line we use, “Global Spirituality for the Next Age,” would generate more than its share.

After all, anything that’s “global” sounds a little imperialistic, doesn’t it? And “spirituality?” Isn’t that kind of unscientific and passé for the 21st century? And “the Next Age” –what in the blazes is that?? Sounds like we were trying to say “New Age” and got confused.

See, we generated three questions right off the bat without anyone’s help. Good on us.

So, let’s look at those questions, and try to answer them as plainly as possible, by our not-so-plain standards. When/if more questions about other parts of Not Two are generated, by us or the public-at-large, we will build other sections on this page to address those. 

Note: For sake of full disclosure and giving credit where due, I use the first-person plural in this section more than usual, because I collaborated at great length with JP on these answers, and we also powwowed a lot with Vera and Betty. Which means the whole project was also overseen by Virginia Shipley Moss in heaven, and given her smiling and nodding approval.

Also, a shout-out to Eric Putkonen at Engaged Nonduality. Though we’ve had the idea for a while, it was his recent series of Q&A posts that motivated us to get this started. Check them out, they’re definitely worth the read.

“Global Spirituality for the Next Age: WTF does that mean?”

1. What do you mean by “Global?”

2. OK, what about “spirituality?” Doesn’t this imply belief in supernatural beings and other tales of woo?

3. Fine. But what’s this “Next Age” thing all about? Are you holding yourselves out as prophets or something?


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