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A Call to All Nations

Christian friends: Jesus is within you –let Him out!

Jewish friends: the Messiah is within you –let him out!

Pagan friends: Goddess is within you –let her out!

Muslim friends: Allah is knocking on your door –let Him out!

Agnostic friends: Something is knocking on your door –let it out!

Taoist friends: the Tao is within you, and without you –do nothing.

Buddhist friends: the alarm clock sounds. It is time to wake up.

Zen Buddhist friends: Spring comes, the grass grows by itself. Five pounds of flax!

Quaker friends:

Sufi friends: Keep dancing!

Hindu friends: OM shanti shanti shanti….

Friends: the Holy One is here now –stop looking and say Hello!

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One thought on “A Call to All Nations

  1. Amen! 😀

    Posted by kikischeuer | November 17, 2012, 8:41 pm

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