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There are millions of reasons to be an atheist–go back twenty-five years in time and I’ll tell you most of them–but they don’t add up to the one reason not to be: the love of God.The most ambiguous phrase ever spoken, a perfect void of meaning, you say?Empty as a blank canvas….Well, you can paint … Continue reading

Beyond the Break

If you fix your attentionon the waves as they roll to the shore,never once looking beyond the break,you could say (and rightfully so),”I see no evidence of an Ocean.”When one person does this,we call it ignorance.When a society does this,we call it provincialism.When the whole world does this,we call it common sense.Everything that humanity has … Continue reading

The One and Only

  Which poem is the one and only true poem ever written?   Hell, not this one.   I’m guessing it was scratched onto a stone six thousand years ago, now buried in the earth under a lava flow, forever lost to human eyes and mind.   Sounds ridiculous, right?   So why do we … Continue reading

Just End the Chase

Make no mistake about it:It’s not paranoia.Love is trying to kill you.Die willingly now,Or painfully later.It makes no difference.But why not just end the chase,And feel the sweet caress of God’s arrowBefore it pierces your heart? Back to Not Two home

Conversation with Myself

“I finally figured out the whole free will versus determinism thing. Oh? Which one is correct? Are you a slave, or are you free? Neither. There is no Me to be a slave, and there is no Me to be free. Exactly! And now, beloved slave, you are free! Your own shackles can hold you … Continue reading

Conversation with a Friend

“Why doesn’t God just reveal Himself to us already?! I’m so tired of answering to this faceless, invisible being that gives us no clear instructions.”   I hear you. Alas, there is no mirror large enough To reflect the entire universe at once. Where would we put it?   “Ack! Why must you speak in these … Continue reading


Ever wonderhow many sunrisesyou have left in this life?If you are thinking of a number,please,stop whatever you are doing.You are not free here.Somebody owns the name you call yourself,and it isn’t you.This is what it means to sayyour days are numbered–in truth, they are numberless.The sun never sets on you.You feel like the fulcrum of a … Continue reading

Manchmal steht einer auf beim Abendbrot, by Rainer Maria Rilke

Sometimes a man rises from the supper tableand goes outside. And he keeps on goingbecause somewhere to the east there’s a church.His children bless his name as if he were dead.Another man stays at home until he dies,stays with plates and glasses.So then it is his children who go outinto the world, seeking the church … Continue reading

Religion, simplified

Is The Glass Empty?

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