Pantheism: Not Just “Sexed-Up Atheism” Anymore

Are you bored of the endless debate between evolutionists and creationists, theists and atheists? Not sure which is more ridiculous: Hollywood’s War on Religion or Hollywood’s War on Unbelievers? Did the whole “Ham on Nye” charade leave you shaking your head, wondering how we got into this dichotomous theological mess and what a third voice wouldContinue reading “Pantheism: Not Just “Sexed-Up Atheism” Anymore”

The Missing Person

One day, humanity realized that God was nowhere to be found, so it filed a Missing Person report. The Universe sent eight detectives to follow the trail of God and solve the case. The first three detectives each represented one of the Abrahamic faiths. They did not search for any evidence, but instead combed throughContinue reading “The Missing Person”