Lost and Profound*

Yesterday I got lost on my way home.

Great pangs of fear came over me,

and I recognized not a soul.


Last night I knocked on your door.

Though I was dirty and ragged,

you invited me inside.

You let me wash and you gave me clean clothes.

You brought me food and drink.

You even showed me pictures of your children–

I knew every one of them!

We sat by the fire and shared stories, laughed.

You bid me Goodnight,

and I slept in a warm bed.


Today I am back on the road.

I don’t know where I am going,

but I will never be lost again.


Thank you, God.

*Not the best title for this I’m sure, but I chose it purely as an homage to my brother & cohort, Jeff Bonfield.  Back in our very early 20s we had the idea that this should be the title of a movie made about our lives if we ever became famous authors. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

Published by Waldo Noesta

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