Thank you for visiting Not Two, we are blessed by your presence. This website is a free platform for the promotion of the Next Age of human spirituality –a multidisciplinary, post-modern paradigm shift toward holistic thought, universal compassion, and awareness of omnipresent Divinity– and the “Avant-God” movement that pulls us forward as we evolve into it.

Found in all eras and civilizations, the Avant-God are that tiny minority of spiritual pioneers who challenge local religious authorities and customs, and open new pathways of progress toward realization of our divine Unity. The ultimate goal is universal awareness of both our individuality and our co-identity with the ground of Existence itself, what many people historically have called “God.”

The Avant-God utilize a global convergence of human wisdom that includes:

  • Mystic and indigenous religion
  • Pantheistic spirituality
  • Non-dual philosophy
  • Metaphysics
  • Poetry
  • Allegorical literature
  • Cutting-edge science
  • Visual and performance art
  • Social awareness and progressive reform movements

As a loose collective of freethinking individuals, it is completely non-sectarian, unstructured, and independent of any group of which it is a part.

In contemporary Western cultures, this has manifested primarily as the growth of various forms of Pantheism, a synthesis of the dialectic debate between theism and atheism. This groundbreaking alternative offers the greatest promise for the Avant-God to reach progressive mainstream theology and post-modern secular humanism with a message compatible to both, and thus it will be a focal point of our efforts to build this vital bridge.

light woman - ray and dust

There are innumerable sources of information and inspiration for pantheism and all other specific components of the movement, but we at Not Two feel the time has come to create a nexus for those sources, a coordinated network of guideposts that will help individuals coalesce and “come home,” recognizing in each other the same divine ground and the same goals for this earthbound journey. In realization of our togetherness, we can achieve more than we can dwelling in the illusion of isolation.

May all sentient beings realize their unity within the Divine source of being, and be released from the prison of belief in a solely temporal, conditional existence. Namaste.


The Resurrection of “Birding” — 6.29.20 (Books and Publications/Birding in the Face of Terror

In 2014, JP worked with a small local publisher to put out his debut novel, a semi-autobiographical tale called “Birding in the Face of Terror.” Let’s just say that no part of the publishing process went as planned, and by late 2016 their relationship had ended, their contract was voided, and JP’s urge to publish was crushed.

Pez King Teaser (Chapter 1) — 1.18.20 (Books and Publications/The Peasant and the King)

Once, upon the timeless arc of the circle of time, there was a peasant. He lived in a small village in the heart of the Kingdom, near the towering, cloud-obscured mountains where the King was said to dwell. 

The Four Evolutionary Stages of Human Consciousness — 3.30.19 (Books and Publications/The Peasant and the King)

Just as the universe is the body of God, consciousness is the mind of God. They are not two separate things; there is not a body ‘here’ and a mind ‘there.’ They are two ways of seeing the single manifestation of God, similar to form and function.

When You Are Thirsty — 3.20.19 (Poetry)

All religions are discussions 
amongst frogs in various wells 
about this mythic place of limitless water 
called the Ocean. 

Love: the “Final Frontier” of Consciousness (a quick primer on hopepunk spirituality) @ Noesta Aqui — 2.16.19

Love doesn’t save us by preserving us in our current form —nothing can do that. The emotion of love tends to want to preserve what it loves, so if you stay in the shallow end of the love pool, that’s likely all you’ll ever know of it. But if you go to the deep end and dive in, you’ll learn that love saves us by making us whole.



Though interdisciplinary in nature, these articles are organized by their primary theme, each of which is geared to its own audience:

Those for whom the word “religion” is not anathema, and who believe that the wisdom traditions of our past are still relevant for their symbolic conveyance of timeless truth beyond the reach of reason, will find the Metatheology section of special interest. Expect to have all traditions honored, but all literal and exclusivist interpretations of these traditions challenged to the core.

For others who prefer a more straight-forward and literal approach to the Divine, and relate better to Frank Lloyd Wright’s spelling of “God” (“N-a-t-u-r-e”), the Pantheism section will cater to this approach. The homepage also contains links to other pantheist sites that deal more specifically with the perspectives of science and deep ecology, as they admittedly cover these better than we can.

For the deep philosophy geeks and people of a more Eastern bent, the Non-Duality section will explore this keystone concept. In truth, non-duality is the underpinning for all ideas expressed on this site (hence the name), because non-dual logic IS natural logic –as opposed to the dualism of semantic logic– and it is the key to understanding how to take the conceptual leap from theology to metatheology. But the articles in this section take a more nuts and bolts approach to explaining why this is so,  and that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

There are some (the author included) who find greater fulfillment in the integration of religion, philosophy, and the natural sciences than in any of them alone. For the born “puzzle builders” among us, we offer Perennialism, a more direct exploration of the interrelations between the specific themes, building on the groundbreaking work in “collaborative religion” by Aldous Huxley in The Perennial Philosophy.

You will also find sections devoted to Poetry and Books and Publications from ND Media written by Waldo Noesta, the primary wordsmith and contributor to this site. Please also visit our Recommended Reading and Links pages to explore the source materials and inspirations and the work of friends and fellow travelers.

Lastly, for those who prefer a blog format with entries presented in chronological order, you will find this on our Recent Posts page.


Pantheism: Not Just “Sexed-Up Atheism” Anymore


“Richard Dawkins, the eminent biologist and New Atheist mouthpiece who seems bent on chopping down everything held sacred by everyone,  briefly mentioned  pantheism in his book The God Delusion, dismissing it as “sexed-up atheism.” He was right, in a way. But he got it exactly backwards. The small container goes inside the bigger one. Atheism is pantheism for prudes.”

Metatheology: A World Beyond Belief


“If theology wakes us up from our nightmare of the mortality of the self, then metatheology wakes us up from our dream of the immortality of the ego. Both are illusions that cloud our perception of Reality. They are distinct maladies calling for distinct remedies, but are rooted together as twin products of one human experience we all share without exception: the formation and development of the dualistic mind during our earliest years.”

Duality, in a little over 7,000 words*


“Duality is a slight of hand. It is a line drawn in the sand where none exists. It is the parsing of All That Is into distinct thought-concepts that hide from the part its concurrent existence as the Whole. It is the subjective narrowing of attention upon an object, shrinking its full context, and ignoring the ground connecting it to the subject. Reality unveils the connections we trick ourselves out of seeing.”

“Truth Is One, Paths Are Many”


“‘Truth is One.’ What to make of that? It is not so evident on the surface. The words and symbols used along these paths do differ, sometimes drastically. It takes some digging, and then, like dinosaur bones, you rarely if ever find an intact skeletal system –something a lot more like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Most people look at the pieces and see evidence of the same fragmentation that divides us on the surface, in the world of words and symbols…But there are some who make a vocation of putting together the puzzle pieces.”


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    Posted by Tom Bennett | October 13, 2015, 7:28 am
    • Hey Tom, just realized who you are 🙂 I just looked all over the archives of HA! on Facebook & damned if I can find it. I know I quoted him somewhere though not too long ago…could it have been in one of the Pantheism groups?

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