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God is fucking God somewhere, right now, in a basement apartment on a battered fold-out couch with sweat-stained sheets and an old Amish quilt. Her lascivious moans and the rhythmic creaking of the springs permeate the paper thin walls of the universe like the primal bang that brought forth creation from her yoni. Don’t like … Continue reading

Man Seeking Deity

When a Great Person Dies

When a righteous person dies, grown men sob like frightened babies.   When a virtuous person dies, great mobs of mourners crowd around the casket, as if they want to be buried with him.   When a great person dies, eloquent eulogies are delivered while entire nations watch and weep. We say things like, “He … Continue reading

Only Words

My dear soul-friend, Words are all that separates you from the boundless loving embrace of God. Only words.   If this is so, is it possible that words are also the remedy?   Perhaps, but only if their sole purpose is to tell all the other words to kindly SHUT UP.

When I Was Saved

When I was saved, Jesus did not take me in His arms. He trampled me under His feet, a death befitting his greatest enemy.   When I was saved, Christ did not wash me clean with His blood. He smashed every bone of truth in my body– everything hard, rigid and brittle– until I ran … Continue reading

Two Views of the Mountain

We all come from the mountaintop, and there we shall remain until we return.   Flung to the valley floor, we pull ourselves back to the origin, as if on strings.   Our climb is the journey to a home we never left.

The Man in the Mirror

Why should I be concerned about my own salvation?   This is like a man who spends his life standing before a mirror, anguished, saying, “No, God, show me the real me. You’ve got it all backwards.”   My friend, turn away from the looking glass, and see the true, nameless Self. (I’ll give you a … Continue reading

Modern-day Pharisees

Modern-day scribes and Pharisees read the gospels and cheer– how odd.   Maybe they don’t realize they traded their crosses for robes when they claimed salvation as their exclusive property, when they wrote down their legalistic reasons why, and labeled all who dissent blasphemers.   Someone should warn them before they seize the Second Coming … Continue reading

Be the Manger

The virgin mother and her dutiful husband trudged through the night, following a star.   Poor, unloved by the world, they were led to the lowest place possible to deliver a child. Tradition tells us this was a real building, but no place could be lower than the heart of a man who thinks himself … Continue reading

Play Tag With the World

How many Christians still wield the sword like Peter in the garden of Gethsemane.   Dim is the mind which cannot distinguish the symbol from its source.   Maybe Jesus should come back and say,   “Do not think that I came to bring a sword to the earth I did not come to bring … Continue reading

fear not, trust

for that is the way of the light

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