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When You Are Thirsty

All religions are discussions amongst frogs in various wells about this mythic place of limitless water called the Ocean. Continue reading


Who is this person reaching out from within me,and extending a handto pull me indeeper?

Original Sin, owned

“As I look around the room, I see that you all have bright, golden halos around your heads.You were born with them, and they are no less pure and brilliant now this day than on the first.Only one person here is trying to earn his birthright; it is I.” Composed by JP during silent worship at Ithaca Quaker Meeting


Silence is the divine ground of God.It holds all the elements needed for a new life to emerge in the form of sound.We find truth in the ground, not the words that arise from it.But spoken words do not interrupt the silence.They are expressions of the truth found there,whose roots remain planted in its fertile … Continue reading

The Illusionist

We need God to exist because we do not recognize Existence itself. We need a name for the Nameless, a form for the Formless, or we lose track of the fact that everything is nameless and formless. To understand eternity, we need a concept for an Inside that has no outside, a Presence that has … Continue reading


I lost my glasses on my desk, for I am blind without the damn things. So I felt around until I grasped them, and put them on so I could find them. Now they are nowhere to be found! Back to Poetry Not Two Home


There are millions of reasons to be an atheist–go back twenty-five years in time and I’ll tell you most of them–but they don’t add up to the one reason not to be: the love of God.The most ambiguous phrase ever spoken, a perfect void of meaning, you say?Empty as a blank canvas….Well, you can paint … Continue reading

Beyond the Break

If you fix your attentionon the waves as they roll to the shore,never once looking beyond the break,you could say (and rightfully so),”I see no evidence of an Ocean.”When one person does this,we call it ignorance.When a society does this,we call it provincialism.When the whole world does this,we call it common sense.Everything that humanity has … Continue reading

The One and Only

  Which poem is the one and only true poem ever written?   Hell, not this one.   I’m guessing it was scratched onto a stone six thousand years ago, now buried in the earth under a lava flow, forever lost to human eyes and mind.   Sounds ridiculous, right?   So why do we … Continue reading

A Prayer for the Suddenly Alive

A boiling hot drop of water, having spent its existence resisting the living sacrifice of refuge in the mountain stream, by some amazing measure of grace called Death, reaches the Ocean.Does it turn these churning waters to steam? Hell no!It finally learns how to CHILLLLL OUT…. Fred Phelps, may you rest in the peace you … Continue reading

Inana Rakhma

living the dharmic life

Creative by Nature

Glimpses of a Creative Universe, by Christopher Chase...

Noesta Aqui

The wordsmith shop of Waldo Noesta


Honoring the Divinity of Animals, Earth & Nature

The Conscious Process

Considerations on the Process of Recognition and Liberation

The Eye of Guyus

A Philosophical and Spiritual Guide

Non-Duality America

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