Silence is the divine ground of God.It holds all the elements needed for a new life to emerge in the form of sound.We find truth in the ground, not the words that arise from it.But spoken words do not interrupt the silence.They are expressions of the truth found there,whose roots remain planted in its fertileContinue reading “Meeting”

The Illusionist

We need God to exist because we do not recognize Existence itself. We need a name for the Nameless, a form for the Formless, or we lose track of the fact that everything is nameless and formless. To understand eternity, we need a concept for an Inside that has no outside, a Presence that hasContinue reading “The Illusionist”

Beyond the Break

If you fix your attentionon the waves as they roll to the shore,never once looking beyond the break,you could say (and rightfully so),”I see no evidence of an Ocean.”When one person does this,we call it ignorance.When a society does this,we call it provincialism.When the whole world does this,we call it common sense.Everything that humanity hasContinue reading “Beyond the Break”

A Prayer for the Suddenly Alive

A boiling hot drop of water, having spent its existence resisting the living sacrifice of refuge in the mountain stream, by some amazing measure of grace called Death, reaches the Ocean.Does it turn these churning waters to steam? Hell no!It finally learns how to CHILLLLL OUT…. Fred Phelps, may you rest in the peace youContinue reading “A Prayer for the Suddenly Alive”

Conversation with Myself

“I finally figured out the whole free will versus determinism thing. Oh? Which one is correct? Are you a slave, or are you free? Neither. There is no Me to be a slave, and there is no Me to be free. Exactly! And now, beloved slave, you are free! Your own shackles can hold youContinue reading “Conversation with Myself”