Be the Manger

The virgin mother and her dutiful husband trudged through the night, following a star.   Poor, unloved by the world, they were led to the lowest place possible to deliver a child. Tradition tells us this was a real building, but no place could be lower than the heart of a man who thinks himselfContinue reading “Be the Manger”

Play Tag With the World

How many Christians still wield the sword like Peter in the garden of Gethsemane.   Dim is the mind which cannot distinguish the symbol from its source.   Maybe Jesus should come back and say,   “Do not think that I came to bring a sword to the earth I did not come to bringContinue reading “Play Tag With the World”

A Call to All Nations

Christian friends: Jesus is within you –let Him out! Jewish friends: the Messiah is within you –let him out! Pagan friends: Goddess is within you –let her out! Muslim friends: Allah is knocking on your door –let Him out! Agnostic friends: Something is knocking on your door –let it out! Taoist friends: the Tao is within you,Continue reading “A Call to All Nations”

The Christian Wrong

Who in the world needs to be wrong for you to have your Christian right? If your answer is anyone other than “myself,” Then count me among the Christian wrong.   If any among us are excluded from your heaven, condemn me to your image of hell. I’ll be there loving the neighbor your saviorContinue reading “The Christian Wrong”

Skipping Stones

The surface of the pond is still. You throw a stone in –splash! The water ripples upon the surface while the stone falls through the calm underneath. Then all sense of motion fades. It is always stillness.   Your ears perceive the silence. A crow in a nearby tree makes his mighty call –caw! TheContinue reading “Skipping Stones”

Breakfast in Bed

Every morning when I awaken, I think about bringing God breakfast in bed.   As I set my feet onto the floor and step into my slippers, I imagine brewing the coffee and popping biscuits into the oven, pouring a bowl of raisin bran, dicing up pieces of cantaloupe and honeydew, throwing in some plumpContinue reading “Breakfast in Bed”