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Snowtrek: In Search of St-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! (03.05.14)


That’s when it hit us, and the source of our malaise became grimly apparent. We were committing one of the cardinal sins of roadtripping: we were following our own footsteps. We were trying to recreate a dreamtrip experience. Uh-uh. Magic doesn’t work that way. It can’t be preordained or reproduced. Life cannot be photocopied.


Two Friends at the Wuzzle Cage

cute-rodents-play-fightingOne hot summer day, a pair of friends went to the local zoo. Most of the animals were sedate and lethargic in the broiling sun, but when they came to the wuzzle cage, the young men found something causing quite a stir. Beside the cave, in the shade of a eucalyptus tree, two adolescent wuzzles were wrestling vigorously.


The Fire

firefighter - EditedIf your religion is not teaching universal Love, it is regressive, and you may want to consider finding one that does.




Hobby Lobby, Big Bang, and the Problem of Empirical Overstretch

superstoreWe need to get past this low-level thinking that scientific theory and a religious worldview are in competition with each other. Debating over which one should be taught is like arguing whether we should teach math or art in school.


A Prayer for the Sword-bearers (and a Message to the Defended) (from 2006)

Week-7-Arjuna-KrishnaAlmost daily we are faced with messages telling us the boundless courage of our men and women in the armed forces is being taken for granted, that we must “support our troops.”  It is, and we should –but their sacrifice is not only being overlooked, it is being misappropriated.  Somebody already died in your name.



“I just went to sleep” (from 2006)

coalminerThis ultimate existential conundrum –the realization that no human activity is safe, up to and including breathing—can either drive a person to extreme paranoia and beyond the brink of insanity…or it can make us surrender, throw up the white flag and give up this clinging to “a vapor that appeaseth and fadeth away.”

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