The Fire

Once upon a time there was a house that caught fire, trapping the family inside. The house was in a diverse neighborhood, filled with people of many different faiths and walks of life, and they all rushed to the scene of the blaze.

One group of neighbors decided the god of fire was angry at the neighborhood, and performed a ceremony to appease him so that other houses would be protected.

Another group of neighbors assumed that this family had done something very wrong, and as sad as it was, they were getting what they deserved.

Another group of neighbors saw the tragedy unfolding before them, and fell to their knees to pray for God to receive the family in heaven (although there was disagreement among this group because some said they were pagans).

One neighbor saw the fire and was reminded of hell, which he knew was just a metaphor for the suffering caused in the human mind by its attachment to ego, so he went home and wrote a very moving poem about this plight, which later went viral on the internet.

Some neighbors arrived with a fire truck. Using their years of training and knowledge of Pyrology, they analyzed the state of the fire, predicted its likely behavior patterns and devised the best plan of attack for putting it out and saving the family…but they could go no farther than the front door, because the logical choice was not to risk their lives for others.

Only the person who had lost herself in Love realized that she had no existence apart from this family. Armed with this ancient wisdom and the technical know-how of the firefighters, she rushed into the house without fear and saved everyone.

Scientific knowledge is not enough. It is essential for establishing reliable truths about the physical universe and our lives within it. It doesn’t make those lives worth living, or sharing with others. Love is the final evolutionary step. Love connects all.

If your religion is not teaching universal Love, it is regressive, and you may want to consider finding one that does.

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