The Peasant and the King

“Be humble for you are made of stardust; be noble for you are the Maker of stars.” Before the advent of the novel, plot and character development took a backseat to ideational development meant to stimulate inward reflection. The use of parables, allegories, and dialogue-driven interaction between archetypal characters more easily internalized by the readerContinue reading “The Peasant and the King”

Do Pantheists Have Souls (or does Soul have them)?

We are the timeless essence of Existence, expressing itself in time as you and me, him and her, this and that, giving each its own unique perspective of the Whole. The experience of the soul –perhaps the verb “souling,” however clumsy for its newness, is the clearest way to convey it– is to be uniquely aware of the the universality of this expression.