Breakfast in Bed

Every morning when I awaken, I think about bringing God breakfast in bed.   As I set my feet onto the floor and step into my slippers, I imagine brewing the coffee and popping biscuits into the oven, pouring a bowl of raisin bran, dicing up pieces of cantaloupe and honeydew, throwing in some plumpContinue reading “Breakfast in Bed”

Catch and Release

If Jesus were a fisherman, would He catch every fish in the lake, throw them all in a crowded bucket, and bring them home to His private aquarium?   I believe he would reel in one fish, and say unto him, “My child, your place is in this lake. These are holy waters, for GodContinue reading “Catch and Release”


I left church the other day with my ears ringing, so I answered the phone. “Hello?” I said, but I heard no one– only more ringing.   Odd, I thought, yawning though it was noon, Who would be calling at this hour? and I went home and slept.   Later that day, I got anotherContinue reading “Calling”

A Night on the Earth

When you go to the Club to toast life and make merry with friends,   it does not matter if you are religious or spiritual, or both or neither; God knows we will all go Home with each other at the end of the night anyway.   The only question is this: How do youContinue reading “A Night on the Earth”

Lost and Profound*

Yesterday I got lost on my way home. Great pangs of fear came over me, and I recognized not a soul.   Last night I knocked on your door. Though I was dirty and ragged, you invited me inside. You let me wash and you gave me clean clothes. You brought me food and drink.Continue reading “Lost and Profound*”

Chaos: an inserenity prayer

May I never again confuse a trifling contentment for peace, or a smothering serenity for joy. May a tacit agreement over shared illusions never seem like harmony with others, or their mere presence feel like community. May the world fail me so thoroughly that I forget me in my withdrawl from pain instead of seekingContinue reading “Chaos: an inserenity prayer”