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The Four Evolutionary Stages of Human Consciousness — 3.30.19 (Books and Publications/The Peasant and the King)

“Just as the universe is the body of God, consciousness is the mind of God. They are not two separate things; there is not a body ‘here’ and a mind ‘there.’ They are two ways of seeing the single manifestation of God, similar to form and function.”

God Between the Numbers — updated 3.2.19 (pan-Perennialism, Non-Duality, Metatheology) Introduction — Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3

“If pantheism is the synthesis of the dialectic between theism and atheism, then it shares more than an etymological root with both concepts. There is something huge and essential in the antiquated notions of God that is missing in the modern iteration of the philosophy. It is something we consciously ignore, surely without the perils of damnation from above, but at the cost of a broader understanding of ourselves and a richer view of the interior landscape. In short, the mind matters, and it isn’t reducible to brain activity, any more than music is reducible to the mechanics of a radio.”

It Takes One to Mango — 8.26.18 (Pantheism, pan-Perennialism)

“I am a mango-eater. I have Mango in my belly, and the taste of Mango in my mouth, and it is divine. I only needed one mango to get the experience of Mango, so I chose one. I don’t need to eat all 20 of them to know that they taste of Mango, and I’m sure they’re all delicious because they come from the same source. So really, I could have chosen any of them. I have but one mouth and one tummy, however, so I focused my eating pleasure on this one.”

Dialectical Spiritualism: the Synthetic Elegance of Pantheism — 7.7.18 (Pantheism) Introduction — Postulates — Ch 1

“Pantheism as a genuine wisdom path and faith alternative is emerging before our eyes as it matures and grows in both visibility and viability. As such, the idea that one can identify with a pantheism that is clearly distinct from both thesis and antithesis is a novel proposition that even pantheists are slow to embrace.”

A Pantheist Takes On the Problem of Evil — 6.15.18 (Pantheism)

As a pantheist, watching theists and atheists debate on social media is like witnessing two people —one blind since birth and the other congenitally deaf— argue over who has the burden of proving whether or not rainbows sing.

Long Indivision: Non-Duality Shows Its Work @ Noesta Aqui — 10.6.17 (Non-Duality)

Between non-duality and monism, you have two complementary, co-arising options: Any picture that you take is a no-selfie, or a Selfie.

Emergence of the Contemplative Shaman, Introduction — 10.6.17 (Pan-Perennialism)

The properties of Divine wisdom —which include intuition, conscience, compassion, agape love, and holistic thought— are actually adaptive traits necessary for our survival in the fractured world that our cognitive intelligence created. Only this wisdom can bring us back into harmony with each other and with Nature.

The Dual Overview Effect of Pantheism — 8.21.17 (Pantheism)

My immediate thought upon first reading about the overview effect: If this isn’t exactly the non-dual perception that is the progenitor of pantheism, there is at least an enormous overlap between them. My research enhanced and confirmed the idea in two fully connected and complementary ways… 

Why I Distrust Disorganized Religion — 7.13.17 (Metatheology)

Success in the spiritual life is the ultimate cul-de-sac. Religion is a program of systematic futility, one level of failure to achieve after another, until it breaks you of the achievement habit.

The Illusionist — 4.24.17 (Poetry)

We need God to exist because we do not recognize Existence itself. We need a name for the Nameless, a form for the Formless, or we lose track of the fact that everything is nameless and formless.

Do Pantheists Have Souls? — 4.9.17 (Metatheology, Pantheism)

We are the timeless essence of Existence, expressing itself in time as you and me, him and her, this and that, giving each its own unique perspective of the Whole.  The experience of the soul –perhaps the verb “souling,” however clumsy for its newness, is the clearest way to convey it– is to be uniquely aware of the the universality of this expression.

Faith and Fear — 2.20.17 (Metatheology, Pantheism)

In the back of your mind, you know this coming event [your death] is literally not the end of the world –life will go on without you as it went on before you and continues to go on with you. But a very significant part of you feels desperate to know that it also won’t be the end of your world. For what is the point of this short, often difficult life if it can just go POOF at any moment and in the greater scheme of things it will be as if it never happened?

Ego and “The Ghost In the Room” — 2.6.17 (Metatheology, Non-Duality)

What we generally call the ego, then, is not the natural experience of subjective selfhood, but that ghost-like feeling of observing our observations, of cataloging them within a nexus of memories, plans, ideas etc. and calling that nexus “Jane Doe” or “Joe Self” or “Waldo Noesta.” It is literally whatever you think you are in response to what you think you’re not.

An Apple Pie From Scratch: Demystifying Mysticism, Part One — 12.8.16 (Metatheology, Pantheism)

Mysticism is a word for an experiential state of awareness that has acquired many false connotations, a noun for which there are many adjectives (the “mystical”) that are bogus or superfluous and in no way define the noun itself. The experience does not require an altered state of consciousness, and it has nothing to do with specious claims of certainty about things that are not readily available to everyone

All Is Mind: A Fresh Look at Spinozan Panpsychism (Part 1)(Part 2) — 9.6.16 (Pantheism)

If mind and matter are inseparable aspects of the same universal entity, and “you are a function of what the whole universe is doing,” it stands to reason that all of your un/conscious mental activity is a function of universal mind. We should start to wonder, now, whether the human nervous system produces consciousness, or receives and broadcasts it like a radio antenna.

Why Ricky Gervais is a Dangerous Fundamentalist — 1.11.16 (Pantheism)

Every one of those 3,000 deities is a metaphor, either for Nature itself or an aspect thereof. A metaphor is an acknowledgment that Reality cannot be contained by our labels, but that it can be pointed toward, in a way that draws attention to it but preserves the ability for direct experience of Reality itself. You cannot grasp the moon and hold it and share it with others as your possession. But you can point to it, drawing the attention of others, letting them experience it on their own terms or simply gaze and lose themselves in the union of seer and Seen.

Reasons — 12.1.15 (Poetry) 

 There are millions of reasons to be an atheist -–go back twenty-five years in linear time and I’ll tell you most of them–- but they don’t add up to the one reason not to be: the love of God.

The Forever All, by Guyus Seralius — 11.28.15 (Pantheism)

This is an introductory video expressing some of the core ideas of my philosophical views. I believe the universe has always been here and always will be and that all things in the universe are ultimately connected.

 The Beforedeath and Afterlife of Joe Self — 11.16.15 (Pantheism)

Before trying to determine what happens to us in the afterlife, I suspect, we need to be very clear about what we are in the beforedeath….The linear timeline of Joe Self’s existence had a beginning, so it will also have an end, forming a tiny segment of the circular flow of time that we call Nature, or Life.

Rethinking the Omnis: How Monism Saves God From Being Smooshed By His Own Rock — 10.26.15 (Metatheology, Pantheism)

Pantheism offers a monist concept of God, and it answers all the expectations of a dualist, supernatural, creator-sustainer deity without the need to retreat into supernatural explanations attempting to cover its invisibility. A monist God is as invisible as the retinae in your eyes –you won’t see it anywhere until you realize it is the ground of EVERYTHING you see, then you will literally see it in/as everything.

Pantheism for Dummies (I Mean “Dittoheads”) — 7.5.15 (Pantheism)

Largely because of its roots in cultures preceding and generally foreign to our own, pantheism suffers a bit from a perceived exoticism, or a notion of some “out there” philosophy dug up by New Agers from the crypts of history, automatically irrational and inferior to the dominant paradigm of our era. In reality, pantheism is as simple as learning to simultaneously see the forest and all the trees.

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