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An ethics-based, biologically-focused, codification of Pantheism that places its emphasis on science, cosmology, life in the physical world and all things relevant and meaningful to the human condition.


Life Without a Centre

The homepage of author Jeff Foster, one of the best modern day spokespersons for non-duality. I particularly like this outstanding interview titled “What is Non-Duality?


Science and Non-Duality

SAND aims at fostering a new relationship to spirituality, free from religious dogma, based on timeless wisdom traditions, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience.


Center for Spiritual Freedom

Facebook page “to support the spiritual freedom of the individual throughout the world, either within a religious context or outside of it.”


Center for Action and Contemplation

Founded by he world-renowned Christian mystic and ecumenical minister, Richard Rohr, OFM. The CAC seeks to empower individuals to live out their sacred soul tasks in service to the world through contemplative programs and resources.


Spiritual Naturalist Society

Happiness through Compassion, Reason, and Practice



Naturalism as presented here is a comprehensive worldview based in a scientific, empirical understanding of reality. It offers a positive, rational and fulfilling alternative to faith-based religions and non-empirical worldviews.

An Introspective Journal by Matthew Lee Morgan


I have been on a dedicated journey since the age of 10 to understand the underlying nature of reality/existence and my life’s purpose. Intellectually, I consider myself to be a life-long scholar in the areas of philosophy (metaphysics and critical thinking), sociocultural evolution, ethnomusicology, physics, cosmology, and quantum biology (particularly consciousness studies). My spirituality is a harmonized integration of Christian teachings, formal Zen Buddhist practice, Native American mysticism, and Taoism, as deepened by my intellectual studies.It is my hope that, at the very least, my thoughts may serve as a catalyst for your own.


Engaged Nonduality

Insights into Nonduality and Living Awake & Engaged, by Eric Putkonen. He is a modern-day house-holder yogi and lover of what-is; living in peace, contentment, and joy.

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