The Forever All, by Guyus Seralius

This is an introductory video expressing some of the core ideas of my philosophical views. I believe the universe has always been here and always will be and that all things in the universe are ultimately connected. I believe that the universe is infinite and indestructible. I believe it is balanced and conserved.

Below I have provided all the text used in this video:

In My Opinion . . .
There is the All.
The All is everything
and every thing is of the All.


The All was not created.
It has always been here and always will be,
like the mathematical construct 1 + 2 = 3
or the 3 sided triangle
or the color wheel.
These concepts truly have no beginning nor an end.

The All is responsible for your existence.
Aside from requiring the obvious, such as a brain, a heart, a digestive system, etc.,
you require all else beyond your apparent body.
For instance, you require water to hydrate your body,
an atmosphere to hold the water into liquid form,
a strong gravitational force to compress gases into such an atmosphere,
a planet to provide the gravity and to serve as a platform,
a source of heat energy to warm things up.
Atoms are needed to form these gases, planets and stars.
Space is needed for these objects to occupy, and so on.

In short, you require the All, an infinite system, in order to exist.
The All is what makes any one thing possible.
It constantly sustains you.
Each thing, no matter how insignificant it may appear,
plays its part in sustaining you.
Therefore, since the All is required for you to exist, you should realize . . .

You are the All.

You are the All trying to perceive itself,
trying to understand itself,
and trying to know itself.
You are the forever cosmic tree, whose branches never end.

Yet you are not alone.
You are actually in infinite company.
I too am the All.
So is your neighbor.
And so is the smallest house fly.
But you are the All from your own special position in time and space, which allows you to forever remain unique.
But in a deeper sense, we are all the same.
We all have our moments of fear,
moments of jealousy,
moments of embarrassment,
moments of anger,
and thankfully . . .

moments of pure joy.

The All is indestructible,
which means you too are, ultimately, indestructible.
Your mind will move from one life to the next, forever and ever.
However, you will at times forget your true identity.
But thankfully, you will at times be reminded by the All who and what you really are.
That true version of you that goes far beyond what you may normally see as your local self,
and that is

Star Field by NASA’s Hubble Telescope
Star Field by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

The Forever All,

an inescapable system of profound order, which will forever remain balanced and conserved.

If you are a good student, learn the great lessons it has to teach.
If you can read the pages of life, then try to enjoy the epic story it tells.
When you truly understand it,
you will be in awe of its magnificence.
You will marvel at its complexity and perfection.
It will be your greatest epiphany.
You will truly know it is the ultimate kingdom, and that this kingdom is truly you!

The All can never be fully understood, for it is ultimately unknowable. It’s like trying to stare too deeply into the light of the Sun to see its core only to be blinded. Though enough evidence of the All is available for us to use our “mind’s eye” so-to-speak to understand it well enough without being permanently blinded. At times you will need to glance away from the brilliant light of truth to give your eyes a rest. Instead of staring at it dead on, use the corner of your eyes.

It is difficult to discuss the true nature of the All or to describe its true form, for we the perceivers have always experienced it only in part, from a limited point-of-view. It can all be greatly misunderstood, but I will do my best to describe my take on it in future videos. I will at times discuss the All as it is, in its true form, but I will also describe the All through the eyes of the perceiver. Hopefully, you will know one from the other, eventually, if not right away.


My book, “The Forever All: A Philosophical and Spiritual Guide” is now available at, the iBookstore, Nook, and Amazon as an ebook and in paperback.…

The title of the music score used in this video is “Titans” by Vangelis, which was used in the motion picture “Alexander” (2004).

To learn more about me and my philosophical views, please visit my WordPress site at and my Facebook page at after viewing my YouTube channel. Also, feel free to send me a Friends Request, because I welcome everyone.

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