Inside the Whale


Imagine two people inside the belly of a giant whale.

One was swimming in the ocean when the beast swallowed him while taking in krill. The other, by rather mysterious circumstances, was born inside the whale and has never been outside of it. This is the only home she has ever known.

The two people are in the same predicament, but would be experiencing it very differently. One would be in a panic, thinking “How will I get out?!? Will I ever see my loved ones again?!?” He might be desperate to find a way to be blown out of the whale’s spout, or maybe praying for intervention to somehow release him from this mammalian prison. The other person would be calm; not a single thought of escape would trouble her. She was born of this enormous space, it provides everything needed to sustain her as she lives and moves and has her being. And one day, she knows, her flesh will enter the cavern ground, returning to the home she never really left. She would wonder with amusement why this man insists he doesn’t belong there, and speaks of her providential home as a devil that stole his life.

Fortunately, none of us were swallowed by the Universe.

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Published by Waldo Noesta

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One thought on “Inside the Whale

  1. I would put the rug by the back door where my Kitetis like to lay and then put the basket in the laundry room to hold their cat food or treats!

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