Who’s Waldo?

Waldo Noesta once saw God board a Greyhound bus in Natchez, Mississippi. It was a little disorienting for him, being an atheist at the time, but he trusted what he saw. It helped awaken him from years of intellectual slumber, and sent him on a self-propelled exploration of pantheism, Eastern spirituality. and the mystic traditions of the West.

Later events, chronicled in his novel Birding in the Face of Terror and depicted allegorically in the metaphysical theatrics of The Peasant and the King, taught him to decipher a universal truth from these diverse sources through non-dual thought. He became a devout Perennialist, dedicating his life to crafting essays and fiction steeped in the timeless language of parable and metaphor. He hopes to be one of the hands that steers our civilization away from its headlong sprint to the cliff.

Noesta has also spent most of the past 25 years pushing a diesel rig (his “meditation chamber on wheels”) down the highways of North America. He has probably driven well over one million miles in his career, but no one is counting. He lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York.



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