Adios Asylum, it’s all Not Two now


Hello to all subscribers, followers, and assorted interested readers,

This is just a quick note to let you know that the original domain associated with this site,, will officially be removed as of 3 September 2017. The new one,, has been in place concurrently as the primary domain since January, so subscriptions predating this change may or may not have already been transferred to the new URL. But any bookmarks linked to the old domain will definitely not work in a few days, so just providing a heads-up to any loyal readers (I know there are a couple of you) 😀

Thanks for keeping up with the site while it undergoes this transformation. In truth, I think it has lost all pretense of being a blog meant for regular public consumption, and become a warehouse for the storage of material to be anthologized at a later date when it feels complete. My emphasis has been far more squarely focused on revising Fly Above The Storm and finishing The Peasant and the King, so new offerings at Not Two may be more sporadic than ever for a while. Eventually though, I will be back here to process my large backlog of ideas, and will start blogging again at Noesta Aqui. I do appreciate anyone who cares enough about the material to pay attention to these seemingly random wanderings –they will eventually serve a greater purpose.





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