Waldo’s blog? No está aquí. It’s at Noesta Aqui!

Where y’at, friends? Many of you may already be aware that we recently started an affiliate website called Noesta Aqui to handle publicity for current and future books offered by ND Media. I am writing this to formally invite you to visit this site and subscribe there as well, because a lot of other roles formerly handled by Not Two are moving there too.

After shuffling ideas about how to best divide the roles of the two sites, we’ve decided that Noesta Aqui makes the most sense to host my new blog, informally titled “Metaphysical Gumbo.” Not Two never really felt like a blog site, neither now nor under its old Heretic Asylum banner, so we’ve decided to drop that pretense altogether and turn this into the ND Media archive and showcase site, with the eventual goal of building an anthology of material to publish as “Not Two: Global Spirituality for the Next Age.” With this in mind, I’ve been let off the leash as far as keeping these posts to an internet-friendly word count (the first post, you might have noticed, officially broke the mold, coming in at just under 4,000 words).

Meanwhile, Noesta Aqui will host the blog and will be the place where I try to keep things light and fresh and more, well, bloggy I suppose. But I will also post notifications there when longer posts are published here –my next NA post will include excerpts from Part 1 Ch 1 of the “Contemplative Shaman” series, for instance, and maybe some behind-the-scenes thoughts, or “the making of” kind of details…that sort of thing.

You are more than welcome to subscribe to this site as well, this isn’t going anywhere, just getting a new job description. But Noesta Aqui is the one I will have to promote and build up in order to attract publishers for “Fly Above The Storm” and future books, so if you have enjoyed Heretic Asylum and Not Two over the years, I humbly request that you join me there as well. Hopefully someday you’ll be able to say you were among the first to read about Pedro and Nadia and all those crazy cats when they were just the subjects of blog posts on a tiny little outpost in cyberspace…



C’mon over and see who dat at 

Noesta Aqui



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