Organismic Philosophy and Biotheism

From the description of the “BIOSOPHY” group on Facebook, in the words of group founder Peter Moriarty:

12107251_879901315391388_1388726937515327166_n“Biotheism and Organismic Philosophy is a form of Pantheism… but it is biocentric, ethical, Earth based Pantheism, which embraces humanist solutions to contemporary issues of biodiversity, sustainability, and living ‘the good life’ — now, on this planet, with its panoply of natural wonders.

Notions of God, spiritual wisdom, healing and empowering practices like meditation, shamanism, mysticism, ritual, ceremony etc. all find a central place in this group, but are generally seen through a lens of holism, the living human mind, and its capacity to interpret these experiences.

Because the philosophy I promote here is also intended to be in some ways revolutionary, I do hope all participants will take the time to digest some of the unique, and perhaps counter-intuitive perspectives we will be taking here in regards to these topics.

12190799_882407705140749_4230839718727868183_nFor at the same time, science, positivism, empirical method, evidence and peer review — these also are of central importance to this group. The balance of all things, is key here.

What is important is how we take our balance of knowledge, and apply it to our lives. This is wisdom, this is the Green and Golden Path. May it take us where we all wish to someday arrive:

Our own inner, and even outer paradise.”


The Great Unteaching of Organismic Philosophy and Biotheism by Peter Moriarty (click here for new window or read PDF below)


12036756_10206118290491171_9185176740204925841_nBIOSOPHY — a Facebook group for the discussion and dissemination of Organismic Philosophy and Biotheism

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One thought on “Organismic Philosophy and Biotheism

  1. Ouistandtng. Very true little empirical evidence is there to see the relational aspect in suc crucial encounters. Working in a medical university I can relate to such crucial encounters and the power play in them. Look foward to reading about it.Good luck for the presentation

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